Traveling Abroad, 5 Healthy Food Must Be Tasted

Traveling Abroad, 5 Healthy Food Must Be Tasted

For those of you who like traveling, it is more exciting if you take the time for delicious and healthy culinary hunting. Ranging from hot soup, fresh fish to kraut juice. This series of culinary must be tasted if you are traveling abroad.
Even though you are too busy with traveling activities, don’t forget to eat healthy food. With a healthy body, you can do various activities smoothly.
In various countries, there are several restaurants that serve healthy and delicious food. Want to know what culinary can be targeted when traveling abroad? Here’s the review

Hot soup in Singapore
A healthy and popular lunch in Singapore is a fish bee hoon soup. This soup is delicious, because the kaldunya sauce is added with Chinese parsley and fried onions. This soup is served with a small plate of fresh red chili. Lunch with fish bee hoon soup is very high nutritional value, because it can prevent cancer. Bee hoon fish are sold along the road at very affordable prices.
Soup with thick noodles with a little milk, plus sliced ​​boiled or fried fish is the main ingredient. Then, steamed tofu can be added along with cooked tomatoes, “said Felicia Lim, a food writer, and native of Singapore.
“Be prepared to sweat when you eat this dish in hot and humid weather. I can assure you, this soup is very delicious!” he said.

Fresh fish in Mexico
International etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer, has tried lunch menus around the world. According to him, Ceviche lunch is one of the healthiest choices.
“Traditional seafood dishes, Ceviche uses ingredients, such as fresh fish, shrimp, diced vegetables, avocados, cilantro and lime. These foods are usually found in coastal cities and seafood restaurants throughout Mexico,” he said .
Ceviche, can be a healthy lunch dish, because it contains protein from the fresh fish served.

Kraut juice in Germany
In Germany, many healthy lunches are found around Spatzle. You can find German noodles made from spelled flour that are healthy and contain nutrients.
Guy Arthur, an American who runs an English school, recommends Linsen Mit Spatzle made from boiled peas, mixed with garlic, and vinegar.
“This traditional German lunch is served with salads and carrots. The Germans like to make this dish and eat it with a good glass of probiotic kraut juice,” he said.

Local products are the same as healthy eating in Switzerland
Switzerland offers a variety of local foods for lunch. You can find fresh salads in each restaurant. You can also enjoy some delicious cheese, and a very tasty thin pizza. Pizza made very healthy with high protein Swiss yogurt, and fruits, such as apples and bananas. This menu is suitable for lunch and is very popular in this country.

Steamed fish in China
“You will be tempted to enjoy egg cakes and bread while eating, but Chinese cuisine offers many healthy lunch choices,” Schweitzer said.
He recommends Qing zheng yu, a steamed fish dish that has protein with fresh vegetables. Other favorite health foods are Zi cai ji dàn tang (seaweed and egg soup), served in a delicious broth.